About Neural Voice

Revolutionising interactions, Neural Voice is more than voice-to-voice AI—it’s your customisable conversational companion! Experience lifelike, intelligent dialogues across travel, healthcare, law, or business. Dive into conversations that are context-rich, adaptive, and tailored just for you!

Why Neural Voice is Great

Fully Customisable

Adapts easily, offering ideal, versatile interactions across multiple sectors.

Conversational Continuity

Crafts evolving, context-rich dialogues for seamless, adaptive experiences.

Instant Responses

Provides immediate, smooth interactions, elevating user experiences.

How Can We Help Your Business

Always Avaliable

24/7 and 365 days per year, Neural Voice is always there

Never Lose A Call

Capacity scales instantly to demand at a moments notice

Best Practice By Default

No need to monitor and manage performance.

Nobody Ever Leaves

Dramatically reduces recruitment and training needs

Our Vision

Neural Voice envisions a future where the boundary between human and technological interaction is seamless. Our ambition is to create a world where conversations with AI are indistinguishable from those with humans, enriching communication experiences across diverse applications, and fostering understanding and connectivity. We aspire to continually evolve, learning from every interaction, to redefine the essence of conversation in the digital age.

Robot and Human

Meet the team

Jeremy Smith



Jeremy has a Masters in Marketing and a Degree in Finance and has always had an interest in AI.


AI Development Director

Chris has a Masters in Data Science and a Degree in Computer Science and has been developing software since the age of 13



Steve is an entrepreneur who has made his fortune in the travel sector by revolutionising the way technology blends with the sector


Marketing Director

Shaun is the Managing Director of Casper Creative and the Marketing Director for Neural River

Ian Pattison


Ian has over 30 years directing and working with development teams at businesses such as Google and IBM

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