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Just speak to Asher and have a conversation and unwind after your day.


Asher can remember earlier parts of the conversation to build context

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You’re not being funneled through a conversation, it is truely dynamic.


Asher is always around and ready for a chat.

Your AI Friendly Companion

In the ever-evolving realm of digital companionship, Neural Bud blossoms as a heartwarming dialogue, blending the comfort of human-like conversation with the marvel of artificial intelligence.

It’s not merely technology—it’s a dance of auditory connection where every individual finds a listening ear, growing and adapting with every shared moment.

Together with its AI camaraderie, this bond effortlessly weaves the subtleties of heartfelt chats with features like shared memories and mood recognition, all while cherishing the trust and privacy of its confidants.

Neural Bud isn’t just a companion; it’s where human warmth and machine understanding unite to craft a new era of digital friendship, nurturing genuine bonds and memorable moments. Share your journey with Neural Bud.

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