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Check out the key features of Neural Voice in Call Handling

Neural Voice will answer any calls just like a real person, answer any questions and provide information to the caller

Intelligent Chat

Engage in intuitive conversations with Neural Voice

Ideal questions

AI-driven queries for personalised conversations

Perfect Questions

Deliver destinations tailored to your customer preferences

Easy Actions

Create actions on the back end of any conversation

Your AI Receptionist; Make out of hours calls a breeze

Experience streamlined customer support with Neural Voice. More than an automated system, it’s your intelligent associate in handling after-hour inquiries. By engaging in real-time conversations, it discerns not just what your callers want, but why.

Neural Voice doesn’t merely respond—it inquires, comprehends, and resolves. From basic FAQs to intricate queries, it navigates your customer’s concerns, guiding them to solutions they’ll appreciate.

And when calls demand a personal touch, it seamlessly transitions them to the next available agent, ensuring your customers’ needs are promptly addressed. With Neural Voice, customer service becomes a proactive engagement, not just a reaction. Elevate your support.

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